Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business – Wednesday 25thOctober, 2017

25 October 2017

President Danny Faure chaired an extra-Ordinary meeting of the Cabinet this morning at State House, at which the concept of a centre of excellence for secondary education at Ile Perseverance was discussed.

Having considered the feedback from parents and stakeholders, and taking into account other logistical factors, Cabinet decided that the best approach at this time would be to focus on excellence in every primary and secondary school, which should in any case be a prime objective of the education system.

The Perseverance Secondary School will therefore operate as a normal regional secondary school for students in the zone for which it had originally been planned.

Cabinet emphasised the need for students, parents, teachers and the community to play a more responsible role in achieving excellence in education, and to this end, it was proposed that there should be a contractual obligation that outlines the responsibilities that each party should honour, and failing which there should be firm corrective action.

Cabinet also approved amendments to the 2013 Circular on Overseas Travel Administration, and reviewed the rates of subsistence allowance to reflect the current costs of travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred by government officials whilst on overseas mission.

Cabinet also approved the concept and implementation plan of the Aldabra House Project.  This project aims to create an attractive interactive multimedia experience of Aldabra; the Aldabra House will be located at Roche Caiman.

Cabinet was also briefed on the discussions and outcome of the President’s meeting with the Nurses Association yesterday.

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