Celebrating The Pride of the Seychellois Soldiers


Celebrating The Pride of the Seychellois Soldiers

Mon, 25 November 2013

-- “With the pride of the Seychellois on your face, to be a member of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, that pride that make you happy to stay in this noble profession, to defend our country and our sovereignty. Yes, thirty two years have gone by....but for those of us who were there thirty two years ago, we remember that moment in such a way that it is still vibrant within us.”

With these words, President James Michel addressed the officers of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, during the Defence Forces Day Commemorative Parade held at the Seychelles Defence Academy, South East Island, Mahe this morning. To note, the event also honoured the officers who, under the strong leadership and brave commanders, managed to repel the foreign mercenaries’ attempt to overthrow the government thirty two years ago.

Mr. Michel congratulated the SPDF officers for the exceptional parade, one that he said has shown how proud they are to be soldiers. He spoke about the mercenary aggression against Seychelles and how the Defence Forces at that time united and fought to protect Seychelles, its people and its sovereignty.

“We fought on that day, for those of us that were present and for the heroes that gave their lives as well as other soldiers of the Defence Forces that joined hands in battle on that day and have passed away, today the people of Seychelles pay them respect. For fighting and battling on that day, to safeguard our liberty and today we are celebrating victory “Liberty against Aggression” and today I call upon you in the SPDF to unify yourselves so that in the future you stay faithfull to the SPDF soldier’s creed that you have just recited for the first time on this historical day”, said President Michel.

The President as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces called on the soldiers to defend the people of Seychelles, particularly the young soldiers who have joined the SPDF. Mr. Michel said that they have given him hope for the future  of the Defence Forces and the Seychelles’ nation and that by being given continuous training, he sees the young soldiers will be ready to devote lives to defend Seychelles at all cost.

Editor’s Note:
•    Defence Forces Day (DFD) is held each year since 1982 to commemorate the successful repulsion by our defence forces of a mercenary invasion on November 25, 1981.
•    During this ceremony there was also presentations of Training Certificates Level three courses for different cadres as well as Awards and Long service Certificates.

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