The fourth meeting of the National Consultative Forum

State House

The fourth meeting of the National Consultative Forum

Fri, 07 November 2014

The 4th Meeting of the National Consultative Forum took place on 6th November at State House under the chairmanship of President James Alix Michel.

The Forum continued its discussions on the Education Sector Strategic Plan, focusing on ongoing reforms in post-secondary education and the role of the Agency for National Human Resource Development. Present were the Ministers for Education and Employment and their respective teams as well as the Chief Executive  of the Agency for National Human Resource Development who all made in-depth presentations.

Forum members welcomed the  much-needed landscape approach to human resource development in Seychelles and supported the hard work that is going into this integration between education, training, lifelong learning and the world of work. The Forum expressed its general support for the Education Strategic Plan, but advised that educational reform should be pursued with vigour, and that the Plan should remain flexible to the changing needs of the world of work. In this regard, the Ministry of Education should work in close collaboration with employers in the development of curricula and suitable programmes of work attachment.  Members further advised that leadership of post-secondary training institutions be strengthened, and that there should be increased focus on high standards in student achievement.

Members advised that the moral development of students should be given due attention by parents and educational institutions alike, and that high standards of behaviour and discipline are vital at this time in Seychelles with ways and means found to help maintain them at home and in places of work.

The Ministry of Education would follow up on the advice given by Forum Members.  The Education Strategic Plan will now be submitted to Cabinet for its further consideration and approval.

Forum Members noted that the Election Act would be gazetted shortly following consultations between the Electoral Commission and the Office of the Attorney General.  With regard to the Public Order Act, Members were advised that a hearing in the Constitutional Court on the matter was scheduled for 25th November.

The President also confirmed the establishment of a high level National Environmental Advisory Council to be chaired by Dr Nirmal Jivan Shah.The next meeting of the Forum will be in mid-December.

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