Cabinet Business- 22nd March 2017

State House

Cabinet Business- 22nd March 2017

Wed, 22 March 2017

President Danny Faure this morning chaired a meeting of the Cabinet which discussed 20 policy memoranda.

Cabinet approved the final draft of the Access to Information Bill, which will  guarantee the public with the constitutional right of access to information held by public authorities performing a governmental function. The Bill will be gazetted by the end of the week.

Cabinet also considered the latest proposals for the new Employment Bill, which will be published again as a White Paper for final public input.

Proposals were presented for the re-introduction of the Unemployment Relief Scheme.

Cabinet discussed proposals for the establishment of a Maritime Safety Authority, as well as amendments to the Merchant Shipping Act, Control of Hirecraft Act, the Beach Control Act and a policy for Water Sports Businesses.  The latter would regulate for example, the registration of jet skis, the designation of areas where jet skis could be used, the conditions of hire and operation, including a minimum age for a person operating it.

Cabinet discussed the details of the proposed points system for the allocation of land and housing.

New proposals were discussed for the East Coast Phase 4, and other reclamation projects.

The Seychelles Blue Bonds scheme was also discussed.  This would allow for financing of approved projects supporting the blue economy, through a secure and competitive bond offer.


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