President Assents to Legislation on Declaration of Assets

State House

President Assents to Legislation on Declaration of Assets

Fri, 25 August 2017

President Danny Faure today assented to the Public Persons Declaration of Assets, Liabilities and Business Interests (Amendment) Act 2017, which was passed by the National Assembly on 26th July, 2017, and which was sent for his assent on 18th August.

The legislation states that the Commissioner responsible for receiving declarations should be a person of proven integrity and impartiality, who has served with distinction in a high office in the Government of Seychelles, or under the Constitution, or in a profession or vocation. 

Previously, the law had required that the Commissioner should have the qualifications needed to serve as a Judge or Justice of Appeal.  No one had applied for the vacant post when it was advertised with these requirements in March 2017.

The persons required to make declarations of their assets, liabilities and business interests under the Act are the President, the Vice President, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, the Designated Minister, Ministers, the Leader of the Opposition, the Leader of Government Business, Members of the National Assembly, the Mayor of Victoria and Councillors of District Councils.

The declarations must be made within three months from the date of appointment of the first Commissioner, with annual updates to declarations thereafter.

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