President Faure visits the National Tender Board


President Faure visits the National Tender Board

Tue, 28 November 2017

President Danny Faure visited the National Tender Board this morning, as part of his weekly visits to workplaces and institutions.

The President was welcomed by the Chairperson, Mr Flavien Morin, and was given a tour of the institution by the Director of the ‎Procurement Oversight Unit, Ms Annie Dugasse.

This was followed by meetings with members of the National Tender Board and Procurement Review Panel. President Faure reiterated the need for institutions to sensitise the public on the work they do. Both the Board and Panel gave a review of their regulations, Act, and policies. The President noted the need to review some of them so as to better uphold the principles of good governance, transparency, and accountability.

At the end of the discussions the President thanked and commended the staff for their hard work and dedication. The National Tender Board will celebrate nine years of existence in 2018, and President Faure called upon all staff to start thinking ahead on how to make contributions that will further improve their institution.

President Faure was accompanied by the Secretary of State for Cabinet Affairs, Mr Mohammed Afif, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Institutional Affairs, Mr Johny Bastienne, and Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Policy Affairs, Mrs Margaret Pillay.

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