President Faure visits housing project and tourism establishments on La Digue

12 May 2019 | Community Development

President Danny Faure visited the L’Union Estate Housing Project, part of the 24 houses in 24 districts programme, and three tourism establishments, on La Digue this morning.
At the housing project, the President was accompanied by the Minister for Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport (MHILT), Mrs Pamela Charlette, the Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Mr Yves Choppy, the MHILT Project Officer, Mr Adalberto Crespo, as well as the contractors. The President visited some of the 3 bedroom units nearing completion and received an onsite update on the progress of the project which has encountered some delays and is due for completion in September 2019.
During the visit, the delegation also viewed the location of a government land bank site where various plots will be subdivided this year for allocation to applicants on La Digue. During an interview with the press, Mr Choppy confirmed that the allocation of plots will take place this year after necessary infrastructure such as roads and utilities has been completed.
Departing L’Union, the President proceeded to Anse Reunion to visit well established hotel Chateau St Cloud, where he was welcomed by Ms Myriam St Ange. Chateau St Cloud is one of the oldest tourism establishments on La Digue and the visit was an opportunity for Ms St Ange to share with the President some of the progress and changes made over the years, hotel operations and challenges, as well as share ideas of how to improve the tourism landscape of the island.
From Anse Reunion, the delegation proceeded to Anse Severre to visit Domaine de L’Orangerie where they were welcomed by the hotel’s senior management team. The visit began with a tour of the hotel compound followed by the viewing of some of the villas. After the tour the President met with the senior management team to discuss operations and challenges.
Leaving Anse Severre, President Faure visited one of the oldest tourism establishments on La Digue, the La Digue Island Lodge located at La Passe. The Manager of the Hotel, Mrs Brigitte Payet, provided the delegation with a guided tour of the hotel and the various accommodation options on offer.
Following the tour of the hotel grounds and brief interactions with the staff the President and delegation held discussions with management.
Some of the common challenges raised by all three establishments include the lack of reliable manpower, and finding the right balance between new developments and maintaining the tranquility and authenticity of La Digue Island.
In the afternoon, the President met with members of the public on La Digue who had written to him requesting an appointment.

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