Cabinet Business - Wednesday 30th October 2019

31 October 2019 |

President Danny Faure chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday 30th October, at which a number of legal and policy memoranda were considered.

Cabinet was briefed on measures undertaken to address Security Deficiencies in Port Victoria

Cabinet approved for consideration to be given to the Ratification of Maritime Conventions. These are the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (LLMC 1976); the Convention on the International Maritime Satellite Organisation (IMSO 1976); the International Convention Relating to Intervention on the High Seas in Cases of Oil Pollution Casualties (INTERVENTION 1969); the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems (AFS 2001).  Approval was also given to evaluate for ratification of the Cape Town Agreement of 2012 on the Implementation of the Provisions of the 1993 Protocol relating to the Torremolinos International Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels (CAPE TOWN 2012).

Cabinet also approved amendments to a number of legislations related to the Financial Services Sector. These comprised of amendments to the Companies (Special Licences) Act, 2003; the International Business Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019; the Private Trust Companies; and the New Trusts Bill.

Cabinet approved for the review of the Environment Protection (Ozone) Regulations 2010 to incorporate provisions of the Kigali Amendments to the Montreal Protocol which Seychelles has ratified.

Cabinet approved final amendments to the Nature Reserves and Conservancy Bill (2019).

Cabinet also approved for Seychelles to host the first Meeting of the Basel Convention’s Plastic Waste Partnership Working Group in 2020.


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