President Faure meets with High Level Committee for Child Protection

15 May 2020 | State House

President Danny Faure chaired a follow-up meeting with the High Level Committee established to address child protection matters at State House this morning.

The first meeting of the committee was held on 21 April, where President Faure commissioned members to review existing structures and policies in place regarding child protection and submit comprehensive recommendations for reform by 15 May.

The committee presented their recommendations to the President, which include legal amendments, strengthening of existing services, and reinforcing collaboration between various stakeholders. The recommendations aim to address some of the gaps in child protection. They also touch on the need to effectively disseminate relevant information, reinforcing the role of the media and launching informative campaigns.

The High Level Committee has been mandated to meet every 3 months. In the interim, the committee will continue to consolidate the consultative process with all stakeholders and start implementing the necessary changes. This includes the longer-term legal reforms required.

Members of the High Level Committee include the Chief Justice, Mrs Mathilda Twomey, Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, the Minister for Family Affairs, Mrs Mitcy Larue, the Minister for Education and Human Resources Development, Mrs Jeanne Simeon, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Kishnan Labonte, the Attorney General, Mr Frank Ally, The Chairperson of National Commission for Child Protection, Amb. Dr Erna Athanasius, Secretary of State for Health, Amb. Marie-Pierre Lloyd, Principal Secretary for Social Affairs, Mrs Linda William-Melanie, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Policy Affairs, Ms Margaret Moumou and the Communications Advisor, Mrs Laurie-mae Lepathy-Ansah. 


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