President Faure holds consultative session with key representatives of Government and Private Sector

16 May 2020 | State House

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure chaired a Consultative session with key representatives of Government and Private Sector stakeholders at State House, this morning. The representatives were briefed in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and the ongoing implementation of the Financial Assistance for Job Retention programme (FA4JR). 

During the session, members also discussed proposed amendments to the Employment (Amendment) Act 2020 and strategies for the way forward post June 2020. 

The next Consultative session will be held on Thursday 21 May 2020. 

Present for the meeting at State House, was the Minister for Finance Trade and Investment, Amb. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Port and Marine, Mr Didier Dogley, the Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status, Mrs Miriam Telemaque, the Attorney General, Mr Frank Ally, the Principal Secretary for Employment, Mr Jules Baker, the Special Advisor for Employment, Ms Veronique Bresson, the Secretary General of SFWU, Mr Antoine Robinson, the Chairperson of GETUS, Mr Ralph Ernesta, the Chairperson of SHTA, Mrs Cybil Cardon, the Vice Chairperson of SHTA, Mr Allen Mason, the Chairperson of SCCI, Mr Oliver Bastienne, the Treasurer of SCCI, Ms Brenda Morin and the Councilor of SCCI, Mr Robert Stravens. 

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