President Faure receives craft work from local artisan Chanel Alphonse celebrating 250 years of Seychelles

27 August 2020 | Culture

Encouraged by President Danny Faure, Seychellois artisan Chanel Alphonse designed unique craft work to commemorate 250 years since the first settlement in Seychelles. President Faure met Chanel in February earlier this year, following his visit to State House as part of a delegation of the 8th SCCI Business Awards Winners. A successful deaf artisan, Chanel received the SCCI Special Recognition Award for his ability to inspire others this year.

During their meeting in February, Chanel discussed his work with the President and his experiences as a local entrepreneur. President Faure encouraged him to produce a special design to mark the milestone commemoration of the 250th anniversary since the first settlement in Seychelles on 27 August 2020.

Chanel is a well-renowned deaf artisan in Seychelles who works predominantly with coconut shells, tammy and fibres and also creates sculptures. He is a resident of Port Glaud and owns a small souvenir kiosk at the Port Glaud waterfall, and also works at the Rehabilitation Centre. Chanel participates regularly in art exhibitions locally and was invited to participate in the Deaf Expo in India in 2018. Chanel is a member of the Deaf Association and also supports with carpentry work at the new deaf centre opening next month.

"I am very proud of my work. My dream is to become a teacher for deaf children in Seychelles, and I am starting my training very soon. Deaf children can become great artists! I am very proud and feel privileged to be making art for the 250th anniversary of Seychelles," said Chanel.


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