President Faure urges world leaders to eliminate the use of nuclear weapons

02 October 2020 | Foreign Affairs

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, participated in the high-level plenary meeting of UNGA to commemorate and promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

During the high-level event, through a pre-recorded video statement, President Faure called on world leaders to eliminate the use of nuclear weapons saying, “The world is weary of an era of converging global conflicts, widespread poverty, climate breakdown, economic downturn and a global pandemic. We are already mobilizing extensive resources to remedy challenges beyond our means. The world does not need another load added to the existing threats.”

The President highlighted that its elimination should be based on humanitarian grounds, which will bring durable peace, security and sustainable development.

“All member states have committed themselves to take on a cohesive approach towards a nuclear weapon-free world. Seychelles is no exception. I consequently call on those States owning nuclear weapons to converge their efforts to adopt immediate action in nuclear disarmament. This is the actual point of departure for a world free of weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “Let us build trust amongst our nations, without nuclear weapons, for the prosperity of our planet and well-being of the people.”

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