Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business – Wednesday 15th November, 2017

15 November 2017

President Danny Faure chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet today at State House, at which a number of legal, policy and project memoranda were discussed.

Cabinet approved the action plan drawn up following the findings of the Investigation Committee on Fungus in the National Cultural Centre.  The plan, which will span over two years, will implement the recommendations of the report.

Cabinet approved a number of strategies aimed at enhancing road safety.  These included new measures concerning issues such as breathalysing of drivers for alcohol, drugs and other illicit substances, the use of camera and radar equipment for speed detection, the levels of noise emanating from vehicles, the conditions of licence for new drivers, and regulations concerning the modification of vehicles.

Cabinet also approved amendments to the Education (Amendment) Bill, 2017 that would allow for sanctions to be imposed on parents and legal guardians who fail to honour their obligations to school management in respect of their children of compulsory education age.  The amendments would provide for the contractual obligations of students, parents, teachers and members of the school leadership to be prescribed in law.

Cabinet approved for the amendment of the Trade Licenses regulations to include online buying and selling transactions to be included in the definition of wholesale and retail services.

Cabinet also approved for the adoption of the Report on the Social Renaissance Action Plan 2012 2016.  The Social Renaissance Programme will be rebranded, reinforced and strengthened with a renewed focus on family welfare and wellbeing.

Cabinet approved the concept of having multi-storey car parks around Victoria to alleviate traffic congestion in town.  However there would be further public/stakeholder consultations on the matter before a final decision was taken.

Cabinet approved a policy for encouraging private investment in the construction of residential units on Ile Perseverance.

Cabinet endorsed the joint position statement on the SADC regional indicative strategic development plan.  The statement was a result of stakeholder consultations and national dialogue on the implementation of the SADC plan.

Cabinet endorsed the plans proposed by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development following meetings held with teachers in relation to incidents of indiscipline in Mont Fleuri and English River secondary schools.

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