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New Year Message 2013 From President James Alix Michel

Mon, 31 December 2012

Dear people of Seychelles,

Good evening.

In a few hours we bid farewell to the departing 2012 and welcome New Year 2013. The year 2012 did good for Seychelles, although there were certain obstacles we had to face, notably because of the continuation of the global economic recession.  We were able  deal with these difficulties with determination, courage and resilience.

One year in the life of a nation is a short time.  In spite of this, it adds to the shaping of the destiny of a nation. It contributes to the consolidation of its future. It marks a stage in its progress. And it illuminates the path towards other horizons, towards other opportunities, towards greater progress … Although this road is often full of many challenges, many obstacles.  

This is what defines life.  The life of a simple individual as well as the life of a people. It is about the capacity to overcome difficulties, overcome obstacles, without giving up. It is the capacity and will to adapt to change. It is the intense desire to succeed. These are what make us stronger as human beings, render us valiant  as a people. We are more united, more sympathetic towards one another, more patriotic, when we struggle for the wellbeing of our families; when we make a good gesture towards our neighbours who are in need; when we keep in mind the greater interests of our blessed country.

We continue the patriotic march towards the building and strengthening of the New Seychelles.  We continue to safeguard and strengthen our fundamental values, mainly through the Social Renaissance movement. We continue to strengthen democracy and the democratic institutions in our country. We continue to bolster peace, order and security. We continue to boost our engagement in the social domain. Our first cohort of University of Seychelles students has graduated -- a shining success for our small country.   Our elderly citizens continue to enjoy their rights and comfort in dignity. We continue to build houses and put a smile on the faces of families who have been waiting for a long time for a proper dwelling. Our economy continues to make progress. Our growth rate is increasing, although slightly.   More businesses, mostly small enterprises, are being created. More opportunities are becoming accessible to all people.  We are hoisting our flag high and with pride on the international stage. We are redoubling our effort to promote and defend the interests of small island states. We are intensifying our fight against piracy. And we have brought our two compatriots safely back to their families.

We continue on this road of progress and prosperity which takes us a step further towards the New Seychelles. We are striving for our Seychelles! 

Dear people of Seychelles,

We still have a lot of work to do.   There is still a lot of hard work ahead. The future of our children, the future of the New Seychelles depend on hard work. We are an intelligent people, a solid nation, a disciplined nation … I am confident that we can do it.

The theme we chose for the outgoing year was a source of inspiration and motivation for us. It resonated in its eloquence.   Today, as we continue to redouble our effort  to build the New Seychelles, it remains totally relevant. It is for this reason that I have decided that 2013 will be placed under the same theme: “Striving for our Seychelles”.     

The New Seychelles we are creating together requires a continuous effort by all its children. We have laid the foundation but a lot more work is required so as to continue realizing our aspiration. Work is progressing well. We have to strive for the love of our country; with respect, compassion and solidarity for our fellow citizens. We have to continually strive to bring prosperity, better opportunities for our people; to strengthen our democracy and our state institutions, strengthen our moral and spiritual values; to maintain our place and the respect that we command in the international community.  It a rich legacy that we are going to pass on, with pride and with satisfaction,  to our children, your children and the future generation.

Striving for our Seychelles symbolizes our love for our motherland, and the shared awareness of our identity and our values as a united people. It means self-belief, confidence in the Seychellois people and assurance in the future.  It is about creating a better tomorrow together. It means putting national interests above all personal considerations.

Our success as a nation depends on the productive potential of our people. We have already achieved a lot in economic reform. However, our successes remain fragile, and susceptible to the caprices and movements of market forces.  We cannot rest on our laurels. We cannot also abdicate our responsibilities as citizens and parents to become dependent on others for our needs. It is our right and obligation to work, and to strive. When we assume these responsibilities we contribute towards the wellbeing of our people and the progress of our country.

When we strive for our Seychelles, every positive action, individual and collective, counts. We make the effort to build the values that strengthen our families and the communities where we live. We strive in order to foster peace, harmony and unity in our country.  We redouble our efforts to inculcate in our children the true sense and virtue of patriotism, while at the same time we prepare them to become global citizens.   We prepare them to cope with the challenges of the future.

Life does not improve by chance. Progress comes from positive changes and hard work.    We have to sail away from the coast in order to discover new oceans, new horizons. Have courage. Have belief. Assume our responsibilities. Recognise  the values and necessity of work. Accept that we have to work to earn our living. Stop depending on the state or other people for our needs when we are able to work.   However, the state will continue to help those who are truly in need, according to well defined criteria.   

As we progressively strive to build a more prosperous country, to stand proud among other nations, we have to seize all the opportunities at our disposal. And we have to continue building our future through our resilience and the indomitable determination of the Seychellois.

This is the New Seychelles. It deserves all our love, all our effort, all our commitment.   It requires that we work hard for it.  Let us do it together. Let us strive for our Seychelles!

I wish all Seychellois here and overseas a wonderful and happy New Year 2013. I wish all residents and visitors in our country a happy New Year. May this year bring us all happiness and prosperity.

We pray that God continues to bless our small country so that greater love, more unity and more harmony reign among us.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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