Message from President Danny Faure for Christmas 2017

24 December 2017 | State House

Message from President Danny Faure for Christmas 2017

Brothers and sisters,

Good evening.


We join Seychellois and Christians around the world to celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ, and the values he came to teach us.

As we retell the story of a star, angels, tired travelers, shepherds and wise men, I hope that we also focus on the message that Christ brought to us. Let us support each other, forgive each other, let the light of our good actions shine for all. Let us care for the sick, the less fortunate, the ones that have been left behind. And of course, let us remain a people with love and respect for others, and treat one another the way we want to be treated ourselves.

This is the spirit that binds us together as a people – not just as Christians, but as Seychellois, of all faiths. This is what Christmas is about: coming together as one people and one family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear.

During this festive season, let us think of others, and share the gifts of love, joy, and forgiveness. In this season of hope, let us reach out to those in need. Those who are lonely, those who are fighting addictions, those who need a hand to hold. Let us all give back in whatever way we can, and make sure this holiday season is a happy time for everyone. There is no Christmas tradition more timeless than that.

Christ’s message of unity and hope is eternal. As we come together with our families and loved ones, my sincere wish for all Seychellois, is that we carry the spirit of sharing, love, and unity, not just now, but each and every day.

From my family, to yours, we wish all Seychellois a Merry Christmas filled with peace and love.

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