Appointments Health Care Agency


Appointments Health Care Agency

Fri, 21 March 2014

In accordance with Section 7 of the Health Care Agency Act,2013, the President  has appointed the Board of Directors of the Health Care Agency for a three-year period, effective from the 1st January, 2014.

The Members are as follows:

Mr Maurice Loustau-Lalanne                   Chairperson

Dr Tony Wong                                      Member

Dr Guy Ahmoye                                    Member

Ms Medgee Pragassen                          Member

Ms Doreen Bradburn                             Member

Mr Daniel Belle                                      Member

Ms Shella Mohideen                              Member

Ms Marja Karjalainen                              Member           
Mr Cyril Bonnelame                               Member

There are also four ex-officio Members:

Dr Suresh Menon – CEO of the Health Care Agency
Dr Danny Louange – Deputy CEO of the Health Care Agency from 15th April 2014
Dr  Lawrence Reginald – Director of Seychelles Hospital
Mr Nicholas Shamlaye – Director of Community Heath Services

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