Reinforcement of the military forces for future operations


Reinforcement of the military forces for future operations

Mon, 31 March 2014

President James Michel, Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles People's Defence Forces, visited the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces headquarters (SPDF) at Bel Eau, and the Special Forces Unit (SFU) at l’Exile, this morning. These visits conclude a series of visits that the President made to different military establishments in the country.

After being saluted by a guard-of-honour, he was welcomed at the Headquarters by the Chief of Defence Forces, Brigadier Leopold Payet, Chief of Staff, Colonel Clifford Roseline, Deputy Chief of staff, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Rosette and other SPDF officers.

The President said that his visits this morning had focused on the organisation of the military branches, apprising himself of  their constraints, seeing how they are organising themselves as well as how they can be reinforced to further ensure that they perform their duties properly and more efficiently.

“Today we have discussed the future of the forces and their evolution. We have discussed our general strategic plans in the Indian Ocean and in the region, to make sure that we can protect and defend the sovereignty of Seychelles in the future. I believe that the SPDF headquarters here is doing a good job in terms of planning its operations for the future, its emphasis on the development of its different military units and in providing training to its personnel so that they can face any challenges and become a military force, which is modern and can adapt to any environment. In general, we are seeing a reinforcement of all the three branches of our military forces. The world is changing and so the defence capacity of different countries changes, strategic situations in every parts of the world change, so we need to remain abreast with these developments in order to position ourselves to fulfill our role, obligations and responsibilities as a country occupying an important geo-political position,” said President Michel.

Through a meeting followed by various presentations held with the military officials at the SPDF headquarters, Mr. Michel was briefed on the various operations that are taking place in the different arms of the military forces as well as cooperation with foreign forces, training plans, new projects and operations for the future.

President Michel and his delegation concluded their visit at the Special Forces Unit (SFU) at l’Exile where, in addition to following a presentation on this Unit, they also toured the new main building.

The President was accompanied by the Secretary General of the Office of the President, Mrs. Lise Bastienne, and other officials from the same Office.

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