Members of the National Forum to meet this week

State House

Members of the National Forum to meet this week

Tue, 29 July 2014

Following the announcement during his National Day Address of the creation of a high level forum, President James Michel has invited fourteen distinguished citizens to form part of the National Forum, which will hold its first meeting on Thursday this week.

The forum will be chaired by the President.

The members are as follows;

-President James Michel

-Vice-President Danny Faure

-Bishop Denis Wiehe

-Mr Daniel Belle

-Mr Marco Francis

-Mr Jude Fred

-Mr Bernard Georges

-Mr Edmond Hoareau

-Mr Michel Madeleine

-Mrs Marguerite Mancienne

-Mrs Mahroohk Pardiwalla

-Mr William Rose

-Mr Nirmal Kantilal Shah

-Mr Patrick Victor

-Mr Jean Weeling-Lee

On June 18th President Michel had said; “The government of a dynamic society attaches great importance to democratic values. ……. It is conscious that democracy needs to evolve. It looks for all means, in consultation with the people, to strengthen the country’s democratic institutions. This is what defines my government. It is a government that remains alongside the people. A government that remains connected with its people.”

The President said during the speech that he would set up a consultative forum to contribute to remaining connected with the people.

“This high level forum, which I shall chair myself, will include certain individuals – irrespective of their political affiliations – who have distinguished themselves by their knowledge, their experience, their goodwill and service to the nation. The role of this forum will be to deliberate on all issues which directly impact the national interest, and to make concrete proposals which government will consider seriously. Its members will be entirely free to debate any issue that concerns the future of Seychelles in any domain – national unity, inclusivity, political, economic, social, moral, cultural, etc,” said the President in his National Day Address.

“Consultations are the key to national unity. Consultations assist government in making good decisions. Through consultations democracy emerges victorious. It is this, and this alone, that motivates me to make this decision.”

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