The National Consultative Forum meets to discuss national unity

State House

The National Consultative Forum meets to discuss national unity

Thu, 21 August 2014

President James Michel chaired the second meeting of the National Consultative Forum today.

The Forum considered a number of written submissions from Members on initiatives for promoting national unity, and eliminating remaining obstacles that may still be hindering this progress.

Members received an update on progress on electoral and constitution reforms already under consideration by Government.  The status of the Public Order Act, currently under consideration by the Judiciary, was also raised. Suggestions were made for the establishment of a Law Reform Commission.

The Forum also advised that the national media, in particular the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, had an important responsibility to promote inclusiveness and national unity.  The promotion of local culture and artistic productions was also highlighted.

The importance of local agricultural production in the context of national food security was raised.

Members started discussion on strategies for enhancing educational provision and outcomes, and will dedicate a future meeting to this subject.

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