A celebration of gratitude and recognition of senior citizens

State House

A celebration of gratitude and recognition of senior citizens

Fri, 14 November 2014

President James Michel this afternoon hosted the traditional Senior Citizens Reception, celebrated every year in the State House garden.

The reception coincides with the birthday of former President France Albert René, who will reach seventy nine years of age on Sunday.

Senior citizens from all the districts of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette were among the distinguished guests of the reception along with many other dignitaries.

President Michel thanked Former President René and all senior citizens for what they have done for Seychelles and expressed his gratitude for their accomplishments.

"I would like say thank you to President René and all our elderly who have worked hard to bring Seychelles to the level that it is today. President René, your brave action together with your other compatriots fifty years ago, have changed the landscape and what people know about Seychelles. After the hard work, Seychelles is now recognised all around the world,” said President Michel in address to the senior citizens.

President Michel asked everyone, especially young people to learn from senior citizens about the good values in life and to always be thankful and to show appreciation to all those that have contributed in one way or another in the development of our country, so that future generations may live a better life.

“I urge our young people not to neglect the elderly, take good care of them, show them gratitude and recognition so that when you grow old, you too may also be given gratitude and recognition by your children, as they will have learnt those values from you….values such as gratitude and recognition find their way into love, and it is love that that makes us unite and work together as a nation,” said President Michel.

Former President René reminded the invitees of how Seychelles was fifty years ago and how they have fought to have a better life under his leadership, especially for the elderly and for those living with a disability.

“Never forget, that we all need to continue to fight to keep this unity in our country. Today we are among the first country in Africa who have shown a good way of living…. Never forget that in all that we say and do, a country is judged by the way it treats its senior citizens, those with disabilities… And we need to make sure that we always stay at the forefront,” said Former President René.

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