Seychelles President Restructures Government

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Seychelles President Restructures Government

Mon, 26 January 2015

Seychelles President James Michel has announced today the composition of his new Cabinet as well as the appointment of a number of Chief Executives in government ministries, departments and agencies, while other Heads and senior-most staff retain their position.

Four new ministers have been appointed by the President whilst two ministers have stepped down.

In the new structure of government, the President retains the portfolio for Defence, Legal Affairs, Information and Hydrocarbons.

Vice-President Danny Faure retains the portfolio for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Youth and Public Administration. He has, in addition, been entrusted with the responsibility for Civil Society, including relations with religious denominations and organisations.

Together with the President and the Vice-President, the following Ministers constitute the Cabinet, subject to the approval of the National Assembly:

  1. Minister of Community Development, Social Affairs & Sports and Designated Minister, Vincent Mériton
  2. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Transport, Joël Morgan
  3. Minister of Education, Macsuzy Mondon
  4. Minister of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy, Jean-Paul Adam
  5. Minister of Health, Mitcy Larue
  6. Minister of Tourism & Culture, Alain St Ange
  7. Minister of Land Use & Housing, Christian Lionnet
  8. Minister of Labour and Human Resources Development, Idith Alexander
  9. Minister of Home Affairs, Charles Bastienne
  10. Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Didier Dogley
  11. Minister of Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation, Michael Benstrong
  12. Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Wallace Cosgrow


President Michel urged all ministers to remain connected to the people and to ensure the highest levels of service delivery with probity, professionalism and humility. He reminded them that theirs is a position of trust, that they have a duty to “make things happen” and that they are at the service of the people of Seychelles. The President also said that it was expected of them to always display the highest standards of integrity and commitment to duty.

Mr. Pierre Laporte has stepped down as Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment.

President Michel, in his capacity as President of Parti Lepep, has appointed the outgoing Minister for Natural Resources and Industry, Mr. Peter Sinon, as Deputy Secretary General of Parti Lepep.

Thanking the two former ministers for their hard work and their many achievements at the service of the people of Seychelles, the President emphasised that Messrs Laporte and Sinon will continue to contribute towards the development of the country.

New Principal Secretaries

  1. Ag. Principal Secretary for Finance & Administration (Office of the President): Pamela Payet
  2. Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Education (Ministry of Education): Merida Delcy
  3. Principal Secretary for Planning, Human Resources, Infrastructural Development & Post Secondary Education (Ministry of Education): Dr Linda Barallon
  4. Principal Secretary for Finance & Trade (Ministry of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy): Patrick Payet
  5. Principal Secretary for The Blue Economy (Ministry of Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy): Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne
  6. Principal Secretary for Home Affairs: Michel Marie
  7. Principal Secretary for Climate Change and Energy (Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Energy): Wills Agricole
  8. Principal Secretary for Environment (Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Energy): Alain Decommarmond
  9. Principal Secretary for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation: Marise Berlouis (Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation)

10.  Principal Secretary for Fisheries & Agriculture (Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture): Michel Nalletamby


New Special advisers

  1. Special Adviser (The Blue Economy) to the Minister for Finance, Trade & The Blue Economy: Philippe Michaud
  2. Special Adviser to the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation: Dr Steve Fanny
  3. Special Adviser (Fisheries) to the Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture: Finley Racombo
  4. Special Adviser (Agriculture) to the Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture:  Antoine-Marie Moustache

Other senior positions (Secretaries of State, Principal Secretaries, Special Advisers, Chief Executive Officers) remain unchanged with the exception of the following new appointments:

  1. CEO Welfare Agency: Marcus Siméon
  2. CEO Seychelles Commercial Bank: Syed Naqi
  3. CEO Seychelles Pension Fund: Lekha Nair
  4. Adviser to the CEO Pension Fund: Willy Confait
  5. Ag. CEO Seychelles Fishing Authority: Vincent Lucas


The new appointments take effect on 1 February.

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