How satisfied are the Seychellois people with public services? Public Service Delivery Survey 2014 results announced

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How satisfied are the Seychellois people with public services? Public Service Delivery Survey 2014 results announced

Fri, 17 April 2015

Department of Public Administration

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Some public services inspire our respect and gratitude when we get the good service we deserve, while others are a source of frustration when we are made to wait for too long or when there is a lack of fairness or staff competency. Diverse views about these services are often expressed in personal conversations, in the media and in letters of complaint to the Department of Public Administration.

But what are the actual levels of customer satisfaction? What evidence is there about the way people feel about the services provided to them by the state, and some key comparable services in the private sector?

According to the latest study conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with the Department of Public Administration, the Seychellois people give an overall 64.1% score for customer satisfaction with the 62 services public services of the government, as well as private clinics, private dentals services, private schools and private lawyers that were included in the survey.

“The results of this survey show the significant improvements we have made to our public service; they highlight our strengths and also our weaknesses, as perceived by the public that we serve.  It is clear that the public has confidence in the majority of public services, and that security, health and administrative services are areas where we need to improve delivery and customer satisfaction.  The Department of Public Administration will now develop a standard template to be used by organisations on an annual basis.  The National Survey will be carried out at least every 5 years,” said Vice-President Danny Faure, who holds the portfolio of Public Administration.

The Public Service Delivery Survey 2014 covered 1,500 households and 50 public and private sector organizations.  Respondents were asked to give a score for categories such as Accessibility, Timeliness, Staff Competency, Staff Attitude, Fairness, and Adequac y& Efficiency.

A total of 1,835 questionnaires were completed across all the districts of the country.  Two adults of each selected household were interviewed, and 4% of the questionnaires were completed by administrative officers both in public and private sectors.

The last comparable Public Service Delivery survey was conducted in 2003 by the then Ministry of Administration & Manpower Development, when 930 households were surveyed.  In 2003, the overall satisfaction score was 55.1%. The 2014 survey report provides a comparison tables between the results of the two years.

The Public Service Delivery Survey Report 2014 was launched at the CEO’s Forum this morning.


Brief summary of results

The 5 best customer satisfaction scores for government services

  1. Fire& Rescue Services Agency (77.1%)
  2. Civil Status Office (76.9%)
  3. ID Card Unit (74.5%)
  4. Postal Services: (73.5%)
  5. International Airport (SCCA) (70.9%)

The 5lowest customer satisfaction scores for government services

  1. Police Department (49.8%)
  2. District Administration Offices (50.3%)
  3. Ambulance Service (51.6%)
  4. Health Clinics (state-owned) (53.6%)
  5. National Drug Enforcement Agency (54.8%)

The customer satisfaction scores for private services

  1. Private clinics (76.2%)
  2. Private schools (75%)
  3. Private dental clinics (74.1%)
  4. Private lawyers (59.2%)

Best 5 best improversin customer satisfaction between 2003-2014

  1. Police Department- from 32.4% to 49.8%
  2. Ambulance service: from 36.3% to 51.6%
  3. Planning Authority: from 37.7% to 56.2%
  4. Land Transport Agency: from 43.7% to 59.6%
  5. SPTC Bus Service: from 32% to 60.6%

Largest decline in customer satisfaction between 2003-2014

  1. PUC Electricity:from 82.6% to 64.7%
  2. PUC Water: from 75.3% to 62.8%
  3. Government dental services: from 75.2% to 64%
  4. Hospital wards: from 62.6% to 57.4%
  5. Casualty: from 62.3% to 57.5%

For the report of the full results: Click here.

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