President Michel visits the Baie Sainte Anne Praslin community

Community Development

President Michel visits the Baie Sainte Anne Praslin community

Thu, 19 May 2016

President James Michel visited several families in the Baie Sainte Anne Praslin district today, which forms part of his on-going programme to stay connected with the communities and assessing the level of progress as well as services that the different agencies and Ministries offer.

The President said that he is satisfied with the visit, though he noted that more effort needs to be made in delivering good and services by different Ministries or agencies. He also stressed on the need to give feedback and facilitate applications for government services.

During his visits, President Michel met several elderly persons and expressed his appreciation for their important contribution and participation in the development of the country to a high standard which is now helping the government to build a better future.

They also discussed issues that have being resolved or are still being considered, such as better arrangements for the elderly to undertake medical treatment on Mahe, an increase in their pension benefit, home care service, special loan agreements for renovation and repair of pensioners' homes and better services through Social Protection Agency for pensioners who really need the assistance.

The President was accompanied by the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports (Designated Minister), Mr Vincent Meriton, a representative from the District Administration's office, Ms. Sophie Pool and Senior Liaison Officer in the Office of the President, Mrs. Ephna Kilindo.

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