President Faure Underlines New Principles for Better Service at District Level

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President Faure Underlines New Principles for Better Service at District Level

Tue, 08 November 2016

President Danny Faure met with community leaders and key partners in the district of Anse Etoile yesterday at its District Administration Office. Representatives from various key sectors of society such as education, sports, police, health, the Chamber of Commerce and transport were present at the meeting.

The President announced that he has chosen the largest district in the country to start the implementation of a new working approach that involves people providing better services at district level. He noted that a Member of the National Assembly is there to represent all people in his or her district, irrespective of political affiliations, and that everyone should be given the same service regardless of background, education, or religious beliefs.

“We have to show that we can really work together and in doing so it is the nation that will benefit. Today, I would like to establish certain principles that should govern the way we work. I want to see the structure of a District Administration that is there to serve everyone in the community without exception. A place where everyone is given the same kind of service; this is the kind of principle that should govern the way we deliver our duties. Our citizens should know that there is a structure that has been created and financed in order to be at their service in all districts and that is the District Administration,” said President Faure.

The President reiterated that the election for District Administrators will take place in 2018, whereby people of the districts will be the ones to choose the person that they want to administrate their respective districts.

The Member of the National Assembly for Anse Etoile, Honourable Mr. Ahmed Afif, thanked the President for coming to his district and commended President Faure for the new approach he has taken that will ensure everyone is treated well and that government resources will be at the disposal of everyone.

During the meeting, the District Administrator for Anse Etoile, Ms. Jenna Dubignon, gave a presentation that detailed the existing services being provided, the different functions of the District Administration Office and some of the future plans for Anse Etoile.

Those present at the meeting had the opportunity to raise issues affecting the community and propose solutions for some of those problems.

Also present this morning was Designated Minister and Minister for Local Government, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, Special Advisor to the Minister for Local Government, Mr. Dan Frichot, and Chief of Presidential Protocol, Mrs. Jacqueline Moustache-Belle.

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