President Faure Meets Executive Director of the African Development Bank


President Faure Meets Executive Director of the African Development Bank

Fri, 09 December 2016

The President of the Republic, President Danny Faure, met with the Executive Director of the African Development Bank (ADB) Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb at State House this morning.

Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb was elected as the new Executive Director of the African Development Bank in July this year, representing Seychelles and six other countries of the African region: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

President Faure congratulated Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb on being elected as the new Executive Director of the Board and welcomed him and his delegation to Seychelles.

Their discussion centred on the implementation of key cooperation areas between the African Development Bank and Seychelles which were agreed in the country strategy paper approved by the bank in February 2016. The two major areas include enhancing energy infrastructure to promote inclusive and green growth, and stimulating private sector activity in support of economic diversification though policy reforms.

During their discussions, the President also briefed Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb and his team on the various measures put in place by the Seychelles government for the promotion of greater inclusive development.

President Faure also highlighted that despite being ranked as one of the high income countries in the African region, Seychelles still faces challenges. However, with the necessary measures in place and with the support of partners like the African Development Bank, President Faure claimed that Seychelles can tackle the issues at hand and advance the country’s core agenda of greater inclusive development for its people.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb highlighted the importance of his visit to Seychelles as part of sharing and advancing the implementation of the key cooperation areas.“After my election it was necessary that I visit the constituents, which means to brief members of my constituency and have discussions with them but also for them to know me as their representative and also for me to know the Ministers and other Senior Officials. So I requested to conduct a visit to Seychelles officially and it was an honour that his Excellency the President was also delighted to see me,” said Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb.

During their discussions, Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb also briefed the President on the structures and key priority areas of the ADB and expressed his satisfaction to see that some of the pillars have already been implemented. He claimed his wish is to see work continue progressing as soon as possible and pledged the bank’s support.

Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb also stated that aside from the areas agreed in the country strategy paper, other major areas such as climate change, blue economy  and other environment issues, poverty reduction as well capacity building support, were also amongst some of the problems discussed in order to see how the bank can further assist.

Dr Weggoro Nyamajeje Calleb was accompanied on his visit to State House by ADB Senior Advisor, Mr David Siri and Country Economist, Mr Tilahun Temesgen. Also present for the meeting was the Governor of Central Bank of Seychelles, Ms Caroline Abel, and Chief Press Secretary for the Office of the President, Ms Nadine Jack.

Editor’s Note: Cooperation between Seychelles and the African Development Bank started in 1978.

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