President Faure Gets First-hand View of Mont Fleuri Following District Visit

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President Faure Gets First-hand View of Mont Fleuri Following District Visit

Fri, 03 February 2017

The President of the Republic, President Danny Faure, accompanied by a delegation of key community leaders and government agencies and services, visited the district of Mont Fleuri this morning.

The district visit stems from an open invitation extended to the President by the Member of National Assembly for Mont Fleuri Hon. Jean-Francois Ferrari and as a continuation of President Faure’s consultative process to view the progress of district projects first-hand and promote greater dialogue with all relevant community stakeholders.

The visit kicked off at Corgate Estate where President Faure visited the clinic and walked through ongoing housing projects whilst being briefed on issues and constraints faced in the area. The visit was also an opportunity for residents to meet the President personally and raise their concerns.

Leaving Corgate Estate, the President and his delegation also visited the site of the impending Rochon Road project and together with district authorities and technical officials, discussed possible solutions to speed up the completion of the project.

Following the visit to Rochon, President Faure also visited Forêt Noire Road for the viewing of the progress on the building of a retaining wall. This forms as part of government efforts to ensure proper follow-up on infrastructure projects and discuss any challenges being encountered.

Following the site visit, all representatives from Ministries & Agencies in the presence of all local media attended a de-briefing session at the DA’s Office chaired by the President in order to discuss and confirm decisions to be taken following the visit at the four key major projects for Mont Fleuri District.

Speaking at the briefing, President Faure expressed his appreciation to Hon. Ferrari, the District Administrator for Mont Fleuri, and all the other representative of ministries and agencies for being present. “Our meeting today is a bit different, as it is taking place following the receipt of a letter from Hon. Ferrari, for us to conduct a visit prior to the meeting so I can personally see the situation in key locations in the district,” said President Faure.

During the briefing, the President and representatives present agreed on an immediate and prioritised course of action for the four main projects visited, particularly for Corgate Estate where the President affirmed that drastic measures need to be taken immediately. “The situation at Corgate Estate does not reflect what Seychelles stands for, but it is a reality that we need to accept and take the necessary actions to rectify,” said President Faure. The decision was taken for the creation of a joint task force to be set up in joint collaboration between the Secretary of State for Poverty Alleviation and the MNA for Mont Fleuri in order to address the issues raised.

“I am glad we also visited other locations where new developments have been made. This shows that when we change the living conditions of housing it eliminates the source of some of the social problems,” said the President.

President Faure also discussed possible solutions and guided decisions to address matters such as lack of land, issues of construction and the timeframe of projects.

On his part, Hon. Ferrari expressed his appreciation to the President for having responded to his invitation for a chance to better understand the situation at Mont Fleuri in all its dimensions and remarked that the presence of other government officials in the delegation displays the level of commitment from all parties to join forces and find solutions together for the issues raised.

Other members of the delegation at the visit included the Secretary of State for Poverty Alleviation, Mr Dick Esparon, Chief of Protocol and Presidential Affairs, Mrs Jaqueline Moustache-Belle, District Administrator for Mont Fleuri, Ms Jancy Volcère, Deputy CEO of the Health Care Agency, Dr Louange, CEO for Property Management Corporation, Mr Lenny Lebon, Principal Secretary for Department of Infrastructure, Mr Yves Choppy, CEO of Seychelles Land Transport Agency, Mr Parinda Herath and representatives of community groups such as Education, Police, NDEA, Youth and Sports and others.

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