Cabinet Business – Thursday 30th March 2017

State House

Cabinet Business – Thursday 30th March 2017

Thu, 30 March 2017

President Danny Faure chaired a special meeting of the Cabinet this morning at which representatives of the World Bank made a presentation of its Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) findings for Seychelles, and its implications for national development planning.

The  SCD examines the characteristics, recent trends, and prospects, for growth, inclusion, and sustainability. Results come from synthesis of the relevant existing evidence and additional analysis where possible, aided crucially by consultations.

The SCD will be used by Government as a basis for its National Development Plan, and in this context Cabinet also had an initial discussion on the vision and values which will guide the planning process across government as a whole. The Economic Planning Department will be presenting to the Cabinet the methodology and action plan for the elaboration and  consultation process of the National Development plan in the next two weeks.

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