President Danny Faure visits Department of Habitat and Infrastructure


President Danny Faure visits Department of Habitat and Infrastructure

Thu, 27 July 2017

President Danny Faure, accompanied by a small delegation, visited the Department of Habitat and Infrastructure offices at Independence House this morning.

The President’s visit stems from his decision to see the status of the departments first-hand and meet the staff. The visit was also an opportunity for the staff at the Department to update the President with the daily operations of the various sections as well as share information on upcoming projects.

The President was welcomed by the Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure, and Land Transport, Mr Charles Bastienne, along with the management and other officials of the Department. President Faure was guided to the different sections starting at the Housing Section on the ground floor of Independence House. The President and his delegation visited the Planning Authority, Receiving Counter, and the Lands Section comprising of Lands Acquisition, Sales Property Management and Policy Planning. The tour continued to the Survey Section which incorporates the Geographical Information System and Information Technology Support Sections of the department. President Faure also visited the Infrastructure Department, and during the tour had the chance to chat with the Staff.

After the tour, the President chaired a meeting with the Minister and management of the Department. During the meeting, President Faure expressed his gratitude to the Department of Habitat and Infrastructure for receiving him and his delegation at their offices, and for the efforts made to provide a thorough update of the current situation and their projected targets.

“I am very encouraged by what I have seen today, and I would like to commend the staff of the Habitat and Infrastructure Department. Despite the heavy demands and challenges this Ministry is facing there are a lot of good practices and efforts being made by the employees to ensure that work continues to progress, backlogs are cleared, and the new set targets are achieved,” said President Faure.

President Faure also urged management in collaboration with the Department of Public Administration to fast-track work being done on the Ministry’s Scheme of Service. “Human capital is our most important asset; if we want to achieve the set targets and deliver on our commitments to the people, the welfare of our staff working to achieve these goals should be given top priority,” added President Faure.

Speaking to the press after the Presidential visit, Minister Bastienne expressed his satisfaction with the visit in ensuring that the President obtained a true picture of the situation at the Ministry, including the daily setbacks his ministry faces. He was also happy that the technical staff of the Sections had the opportunity to personally brief the President on new actions and measures being put in place to further improve the efficiency and quality of service being offered to citizens.

Also present for the visit was Principal Secretary for Habitat, Mr Denis Barbe, Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Mr Yves Choppy, Special Advisor, Mr Gerard Hoareau, Consultant for Reclamation, Mr Patrick Lablache, Chief Executive Officer for Planning Authority, Mr Joseph Francois, Chief Secretary Public Service, Mrs Jessie Esparon, Principal Secretary for Public Affairs, Mrs Doreen Arnephy and other officials from the Office of the President.

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