President Faure visits Office of the Ombudsman, CAA and PSA

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President Faure visits Office of the Ombudsman, CAA and PSA

Fri, 10 November 2017

President Danny Faure visited the Office of the Ombudsman, Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA), and Public Service Appeals Board (PSA) this morning. Visits to these institutions form part of a series of visits that the President is undertaking to different workplaces and institutions.

He was accompanied by the Secretary of State for Cabinet Affairs, Mr Mohammed Afif, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Institutional Affairs, Mr Johny Bastienne, and Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Policy Affairs, Mrs Margaret Pillay.

The President was welcomed by the heads of the respective institutions, where he was given a tour of the offices and facilities. This was followed by meetings with staff and members of the three bodies. During the meetings, President Faure reiterated the importance of their respective institutions as enshrined in the Constitution. As they briefed him on their programmes, it was also an opportunity for them to raise their concerns including issues with manpower, resources, and office space.

As Head of State, he commended them for their hard work and extended his support through the expertise of the Cabinet Office.

The President also mentioned that as next year will be the 25th anniversary of the Third Republic, there are discussions underway to hold a Constitution week whereby the different institutions will have the opportunity to propose various activities that promote their work and services. In his meetings, he encouraged them to participate and give more visibility to their offices once details are announced.

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