President Faure visits MEHRD Headquarters


President Faure visits MEHRD Headquarters

Fri, 11 May 2018

President Danny Faure visited the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Headquarters at Mont Fleuri this morning, as part of his weekly visits to institutions.

The President was welcomed by the Minister for Education and Human Resources Development, Mrs Jeanne Simeon, along with the management and other officials from the Ministry.

President Faure visited the different sections of the Ministry, including the School Division, Early Childhood and Primary Section, Student’s Welfare Section, Inspectorate Unit, Assessment Unit, Tertiary Education Commission, Accounts section, and the Human Resource section. The President also visited the central store of the Ministry of Education. During his tour, he spoke to various members of staff who were able to share their concerns with him.

At the end of the visit, the President chaired a meeting with the Minister and her management team, where he was briefed on on-going programmes and work geared towards supporting the schools, in order to get the results that are expected from the students.

They also discussed current focus areas including staff welfare, office renovations, and human resource constraints. Ministry of Education officials also raised the importance of enhancing technical and vocational education, and touched on the urgent need for nationwide community support to make education a success in the country.

The President conveyed his commitment and support to the Ministry, which commemorates forty years since the decentralisation of education year. He emphasised that education is a shared responsibility, between the Ministry, teachers, and parents, and encouraged the staff to remain steadfast with their vision for the holistic development of every child in Seychelles.

“The last forty years have seen changes within the structure of the family, but the function of the family should stay the same. In 1978, we had families that valued education and would push their children hard. This value has unfortunately diminished over time in some families, and we cannot leave it all to the teachers – it is a shared responsibility,” said the President.

“The engagement, and the relationship between the student, teacher, parent, school, and community is crucial. We need to build robust intervention systems to help support our teachers so that no child is left behind. We cannot afford to neglect our children,” continued President Faure.

President Faure thanked the staff for their hard work, and encouraged them to continue serving with integrity, passion, and enthusiasm.

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