President Faure officially re-opens the National Museum


President Faure officially re-opens the National Museum

Sat, 01 December 2018

President Danny Faure unveiled the commemorative plaque yesterday afternoon to officially re-open the National Museum of History, now based in the former Supreme Court building in Victoria. He was accompanied by Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, who is also responsible for the Department of Culture.

In her opening address, Designated Minister Mondon said that the museum makes use of modern technology to visually represent the Creole culture.

“The museum also has galleries tracing landmarks events which shows the development of our nation and country. Museums are partners in the social and economic development of a society. Museums are also a place of learning for students and the public in general. They help future generations to understand and appreciate their history,” said Minister Mondon.

She thanked all national and international partners that were involved with the re-opening of the museum. She expressed gratitude to the local institutions and the Seychellois who have donated artefacts that are now displayed in the museum.

The Designated Minister also announced that a new building will soon be constructed for the National Archives through a public private partnership with the Central Bank of Seychelles, to ensure the preservation of historical documents and records.

There were also remarks by the Director of National Museums, Mrs Beryl Ondiek. Following the ceremony, President Faure and invited guests were given a tour of the museum galleries.

The National Museum of History was established in 1965 for the preservation and conservation of the country’s cultural wealth. It started as an outgrowth of the national archives situated in the Carnegie building. The first floor of the building consists of the Creole culture, the Gifts of State exhibition, and conference room. On the ground floor, visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of artefacts, books and a souvenir shop. The annex building will be used as the administrative block.

Also present at the auspicious ceremony yesterday was the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Francis MacGregor, Ministers, members of the diplomatic corps, representative of the National Heritage of Zambia, Mr John Zulu, representative of the International Council of African Museums, Dr Rudo Sithole, Director for Heritage Development in Africa, Mr Peter Okwaro, representative from UNESCO, Mrs Karalyn Monteil, other government officials, and staff of the Department of Culture.

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