Opening new doors for entrepreneurs

05 October 2010 |

October 5, 2010 -- Properties on Ile Aurore and at the Victoria waterfront will give more possibilities to Seychellois investors to participate in tourism and other business projects.

President James Michel said in the En Moman Avek Prezidan (Meeting the President) monthly television broadcast on Sunday that Seychellois investors and small-scale entrepreneurs are to be  given the chance to bid for projects at the Victoria waterfront and Ile Aurore. He explained that the developments planned for the two sites have been revised as the economic environment is now favourable to encourage small Seychellois businesses and create wealth in the country. 

Referring to Ile Aurore, he said the South African company has not been able to meet the commitments which would have allowed it to start development there.

Because of this, and after the recent economic reforms, the President decided to review some development strategies, adding that the time has come when Seychelles has enough large hotel schemes to cater for a certain kind of clientele.

He said the plan for the new projects is being worked on, and after consultations which are to start soon the government will be in a better position to finalise it before it goes to tender, when Seychellois can submit their bids.   

Asked whether Strategy 2017 launched a few years ago and aimed at doubling the country's wealth in a decade is still applicable in the context of the economic reform programme, President Michel replied that in general it is still relevant despite the fact that certain aspects will need to be reviewed in the current global economic environment. He pointed out that reforms carried out so far have pushed the country to go beyond Strategy 2017.

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