The President on welfare assistance and HIV/AIDS

05 October 2010 |

October 5, 2010 -- HIV/AIDS is still a problem and there are more than 2000 people on welfare assistance.

The monthly SBC television programme of 4th October 2010 asked President James Michel to comment on the strategy the government is adopting to bridge the remaining gaps in the scheme for all Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be met by 2015, especially the HIV/AIDS challenges and removing people from welfare assistance.
President Michel noted that HIV/AIDS is a global challenge and no country has been able to reverse the trend as it is more complicated than just providing health care.

"It is a situation where the most vulnerable have to be educated on behavior change in order to eliminate the problem," he said.

"Not only the government but society as a whole need to play their part to educate the population on the importance of behavior change to prevent the spread of the disease," the President added.

With regard to the number of people receiving welfare benefits, Mr Michel said there are people who are not in employment and who need help, but at the same time there is work in the country for all those who want to work.

He pointed out that there will always be a group of vulnerable, disabled and sick people who will need help and the government takes care of them.

Welfare will always exist and cannot be eliminated, but at the same time people on welfare who can work have to be encouraged and guided towards the responsibility for their lives instead of depending on welfare," said the President.


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