President Faure celebrates long-serving retirees from the public sector

16 May 2019 |

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, held a ceremony for 45 retirees from various sectors of government at State House this morning, who have clocked 25 years or more of continuous service.

The retiring public service employees come from sectors such as education, health, and the Seychelles Police Force. Notable among the 45 retiring public servants is Mr Wilfred Maria, a teacher who has served the Ministry of Education for 55 years.

The President welcomed the retirees to State House and expressed his honour at hosting a special group of devoted workers. He thanked them sincerely for their dedication to government and their many years of hard work.

“On behalf of the people of Seychelles and government, I extend my sincere appreciation for your long years of service. Each and every one of you has worked tirelessly and made a lot of sacrifices, but above all, you have been faithful to your profession and the noble work of public service. Some of you have served for over fifty years, which is extraordinary. You are an example for those presently working. Thank you so much,” said President Faure.

All retirees were presented with a token of appreciation by President Faure, before enjoying a short reception.

Also present at the ceremony this morning was the Chief Secretary, Ms Jessie Esparon, and CEO of the Healthcare Agency, Dr Danny Louange.

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