President Faure assents to the Control and Protection of Dogs Act 2018

16 May 2019 |

President Danny Faure assented to the Control and Protection of Dogs Act, 2018 in a short signing ceremony held at State House this afternoon. The Bill was considered and approved by the National Assembly in December 2018.

The legislation offers protection to dogs, provides for the responsible management of stray dogs, and consequently aims to reduce the societal impacts of an uncontrolled dog population. It is the result of extensive public consultations on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. The enforcement and the implementation of this law will be supported by the animal welfare unit under the Veterinary Division of the National Biosecurity Agency (NBA).

Addressing those present, the Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, Mr Charles Bastienne, said, ‘I seize this opportunity to convey my appreciation to all who participated in the process to make the law what it is today. The new law and its relevant regulations are based on international best practices. The most salient principle is to encourage responsible dog ownership. It is the responsibility of each one of us to accept our roles in promoting responsible dog ownership so that the country as a whole can benefit from the countless positive effects of man’s best friend.’

Also present for the ceremony this morning was Vice-President Vincent Meriton, the Attorney General Mr Frank Ally, the CEO of the National Biosecurity Agency, Mr Marc Naiken, and other officials.

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