Smashed Project officially launched in all Seychelles Secondary Schools

03 June 2019 | Education

President Danny Faure attended the launching of The Smashed Project across all secondary schools in Seychelles this morning, officially launched at the Point Larue Secondary School. The Smashed Project is an initiative of Collingwood Learning in the UK in partnership with Seychelles Breweries Ltd and the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, aimed at reducing underage drinking and to promote responsible attitudes towards alcohol consumption.

A preventative programme intended to help delay the onset of early alcohol use amongst young people, The Smashed Project is an educational theatre initiative that engages participants in a safe and motivational learning environment. The unique initiative also enables students to explore the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and equips them with the facts, skills and confidence to make responsible choices and develop a responsible attitude towards alcohol.

During his welcoming address at the ceremony, the Managing Director of Seychelles Breweries, Mr Nick Cook, retraced the journey around the conception of the project and highlighted the commitment of Seychelles Breweries to not only launch the programme but expand the project beyond secondary schools, together with key partners.

The Smashed Project, which has been successfully implemented in various schools in the UK, brings to life the dangers of alcohol through live theatre performance and interactive workshops delivered by professional actors, backed up by accompanying teaching resources and a comprehensive evaluation framework.

The projected was officially launched this morning by the Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Odile Decomarmond, who on behalf of Government expressed the sincere appreciation to Seychelles Breweries for its commitments and support in the implementation of the project. “I would like to thank Seychelles Breweries for bringing this unique initiative to all secondary schools in Seychelles. We appreciate your boldness and courage in spearheading this project, despite being the biggest alcohol producer and distributor in Seychelles. It is reassuring to know that you are equally concerned about the impact of alcohol on the social, physical and psychological wellbeing of our population, especially on our young people. Furthermore, this initiative serves as an example on how the private sector can support the Ministry of Education,” said Dr Decomarmond.

Following the official launch, the President and other guests present, including students and teachers, had the opportunity to view a live performance of a play from The Smashed Project interpreted by local drama club Komik Lokal, followed by an interactive workshop for S4 and S5 students of the school.


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