President Faure meets executive members of the Seychelles Music Association

04 July 2019 | Culture

President Danny Faure received the Executive Members of the Seychelles Music Association (SeyMas) at State House this morning.
The President welcomed the delegation to State House who had formally written to him requesting a meeting. The meeting was an opportunity for the members to share with the President their mandate and objectives of the revived executive committee as well as highlight some of the pertinent concerns and challenges being faced by the association and musicians in general.
President Faure commended the members for their efforts focused on protecting the interest of local musicians and preserving the essence of Seychellois music and urged them to network and engage with the right partners to further advance their cause. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment in supporting them through the relevant department and agencies set up to work with associations similar to SeyMas.
During discussions with the Head of State, members also had the opportunity to make propositions and discuss possible solutions for some of the challenges raised in order to improve the conditions and how to better support both the semi-professional and professional musicians.
Other topics discussed also involved options to facilitate sales and distribution of original musical work of artists and possible introduction of policies and legal frameworks to more effectively protect the works of musicians.
Speaking to the press after the meeting, the Chairperson of the Association, Mr George Payet, said the association is committed to advancing the welfare and interest of all local musicians and said that the meeting this morning was a step in the right direction in working closer with government for the betterment and preservation of the Seychelles’ music industry.
Members of Seychelles Music Association present at State House for the meeting this morning included George Payet as Chairperson, Thomas Knowles as the Vice-Chairperson and other members including Florette Botsoie, Irene du Preez, Ralph Amesbury, Norman Lucas and Andre Sinon.

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