President Faure meets with National Association of the Disabled

07 August 2019 | Social Affairs

President Danny Faure received members of the National Association for the Disabled yesterday afternoon at State House.

The President welcomed the delegation to State House who had formally requested to meet him. The meeting was an opportunity for the members to share with the President their mandate, objectives, as well as highlight some of the pertinent concerns and challenges being faced by the association and people with disabilities in Seychelles.

On behalf of the people of Seychelles, President Faure thanked and commended the members for their efforts and voluntary contributions in looking into the welfare of those with disabilities.

During discussions with the Head of State, members also had the opportunity to make propositions and discuss possible solutions for some of the challenges to improve the conditions of those with disabilities. The topics included access to loans for people with disabilities, accessible community activities, improving working relations with institutions, and existing abuse toward the disabled among other issues.

President Faure noted that everyone should be concerned with maintaining the dignity of citizens with a disability. He stressed that the country will not tolerate any form of abuse on those with disabilities, and that strong action should be taken to those committing those acts. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to supporting the disabled through the relevant ministries and agencies.

Members of National Association for the Disabled present at State House for the meeting included Mrs Jourdanne Ernesta the Chairperson, and other members including Ms Louise Esparon, Ms Dorothy Labrosse, Ms Alice Nourrice, Ms Diayanette Hetimier, Ms Jemma Dugasse, Ms Cindy Alissop, Ms Sterina Casquette and Ms Bernadette Esparon.


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