President welcomes New Executive Committee of Seychelles Indian Association

09 August 2019 | Social Affairs

President Danny Faure received members of the new Executive Committee of the Seychelles Indian Association for a courtesy meeting at State House yesterday morning.

The Executive Committee briefed the President on their operations and the new priorities of the Association. They also discussed with President Faure their community-based projects, particularly those centred around engaging with the elderly community. 

The President welcomed the committee to State House and thanked them sharing their projects and plans with him. He commended them for the active role they continue to play in the community, particularly in the education sector, and welcomed their new initiative to work with the elderly. He wished them the very best in the implementation of their projects and affirmed his support for the association.

Present for the meeting at State House was the Chairperson of the Association, Mr Jamshed Pardiwalla, Mr Anil K.Singh as Secretary, Mr Vijay Pandya as Treasurer, and Mr  Deepak Babu as Ordinary Member.


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