President Faure meets with Moses Pracht: newborn found in Seychelles 28 years ago

15 November 2019 | Social Affairs

President Faure had the privilege to welcome Mr Moses Pracht to State House this morning, a 28 year-old German national of Seychellois origin who was adopted by a German couple after being abandoned as a newborn at Anse Dejeuner in March 1991.

Mr Pracht recounted how he was abandoned as a newborn at a rubbish bin, in a tied plastic bag. On the night of Saturday 24 March 1991, a passer-by heard the baby’s cry and alerted the Cascade police. The Superintendent at the time, now Commissioner of Police, Mr Kishnan Labonte, ensured the baby was taken to Victoria Hospital and given the required care. Christened “Moses”, the baby was eventually adopted by German nationals.

Mr Pracht is currently in Seychelles with his wife for his honeymoon. He expressed to the President how grateful he is to the passer-by that picked him up and saved his life, and how he would like to meet this individual to thank them. He also shared how when his daughter was born, he understood at an ever deeper level what that person had done for him by rescuing him.  

The President expressed how happy he was to receive him at State House, and how his life represents a blessing and shows the higher forces at work. "Your story is inspirational, and you are blessed. It is a great privilege for me to receive you here, your story is a very special one and for a government committed to the progress of its people, the stories of our citizens are very important to me. This is why I was so keen to meet you and I thank you for making the time," said President Faure.  

Mr Pracht is based in Frankfurt with his wife and child and works as a pastry chef in a hotel. Today, he will also meet with the Commissioner of Police who dealt with his case 28 years ago, and the nurse at Victoria Hospital who took care of him as a newborn.

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