President Faure meets Stevedore representatives at State House

28 November 2019 | Fisheries

President Faure received the representatives of Stevedores in Seychelles’ for a meeting this morning at State House. 

The meeting was a follow-up of the meeting convened by President Faure with representatives of the stevedores last year, whereby certain issues were addressed such as new regulations which have now been in effect since 1 October 2019. The revised regulation also provides for stevedores to be paid an annual gratuity to be calculated on the amount of money paid to them for the time they have worked.

The regular discussions provide the stevedores direct opportunity to share with the Head of State their views, and provide feedback in line with the regulation and other pertinent issues on behalf of their colleagues.

One of the representatives, Mr Randy Azemia, thanked the President for listening to their concerns and addressing matters that could be resolved there and then.

Points that were discussed included compensation for those in service as stevedores for 27 years and above, condition of work for stevedores working at Ile du Port Handling Services (IPHS), and safety at the ports among other matters.

To conclude the meeting, President Faure thanked them for bringing forward matters that were affecting all stevedores which resulted in a revised regulation. He reaffirmed his support in advancing matters focused on the welfare of stevedores in Seychelles and addressing the concerns raised.

Also present at the meeting was the Secretary-General of the Seychelles Federation of Workers Union, Antoine Robinson and member of the Seychelles Federation of Workers Union, Mr Emmanuel Fideria.


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