President Faure chairs first Joint Command Chain meeting

21 March 2020 | Defence

This afternoon, President Danny Faure chaired the first joint command chain meeting with the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, the Police and Intelligence Service. 


The joint command chain has been established with the task of maintaining law and order in the country under any eventuality that may arise as a result of measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. It serves as a mechanism to ensure proper coordination and support for the Department of Health, and compliance for its advisories.


In the meeting, officials present had the opportunity to receive a full briefing on the existing public health emergency situation from the Department of Health, and discuss preparations for any additional measures that may be required to effectively respond. It was confirmed that there are currently no cases of community transmission in Seychelles.


Present at the meeting this afternoon was the Vice-President, Mr Vincent Meriton, Designated Minister, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, Chief of Defence Forces, Colonel Clifford Roseline, Commisioner of Police, Mr Kishnan Labonte, Attorney General, Mr Frank Ally, Secretary of State for Presidential Affairs, Mrs Aude Labaleine, Secretary of State for Health, Ambassador Marie-Pierre Lloyd, Chief of Staff of SPDF, Colonel Michael Rosette, Principal Secretary for Risk and Disaster Management, Mr Paul Labaleine, CEO of the Healthcare Agency, Dr Danny Louange, the Public Health Commissioner, Dr Jude Gedeon, Assistant Commisioners of Police, Mr Ted Barbe and Mr Romano Songore and Director General of the Seychelles Inteligience Service, Mr Benediste Hoareau

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