President Faure chairs Rapid Response Committee Meeting

08 July 2020 | Social Affairs

President Danny Faure chaired a meeting with members of the Rapid Response Committee at State House this morning. The committee comprises of various government representatives from different sectors brought together to better coordinate and ensure the well-being and social protection of citizens, particularly during the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those present in this morning shared their assessment of various social protection systems currently in place, and shared details of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of these systems with the President. They also updated the President on how other national social support mechanisms have been strengthened over the last few months and are being implemented simultaneously to assist citizens. 

The meetings enable members to collaboratively forecast trends and more effectively prepare for the implementation of social protection programmes for the months ahead, thus ensuring that the required assistance reaches those in need in the community.

The committee also discussed ways to re-prioritise some of major budget dependent projects planned for implementation and the need to re-divert some of the budgeted funds for social protection efforts and emergency projects.

The committee will continue to meet every 2 weeks to share regular updates and monitoring of social protection programmes amidst the dynamic economic landscape posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Present at State House for the meeting was, the Minister for Family Affairs, Mrs Mitcy Larue, the Principal Secretary for Infrastructure, Mr Yves Choppy, Principal Secretary for Local Government, Mrs Marie-Celine Vidot-Jeannevol, the Principal Secretary for Poverty Alleviation, Mr Alvin Laurence, Principal Secretary for Public Affairs in the Office of the President, Mrs Doreen Arnephy, the Chief Executive Officer of STC, Mrs Christine Joubert, CEO of Agency for Social Protection, Mr Marcus Simeon and the Economic Advisor to the President, Mr Bertrand Belle.

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