President Faure proclaims the dissolution of the National Assembly

06 August 2020 |

President Faure signed a Proclamation this afternoon to declare the dissolution of the sixth National Assembly, which will stand dissolved tomorrow following the publication of the Proclamation today 6 August 2020. 

This is in line with Article 110(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles which provides that the President may, by Proclamation published in the Gazette, dissolve the National Assembly for any reason which the President considers it to be in the national interest.

Conscious that the existing COVID-19 pandemic necessitates the need for a National Assembly that has a common vision with the President elected in 2020 in order to immediately implement legislative measures, plans and policies to revive the economy and to tackle socio-economic and environmental challenges; and considerate of the fact that COVID-19 will impact the cost of elections in a multitude of ways if Seychelles holds Presidential Elections and National Assembly Elections at separate intervals, the President gave the Speaker of the National Assembly 7 days’ notice of the intention to dissolve the National Assembly on 30 July 2020.

This afternoon, the President proclaimed that the National Assembly shall stand dissolved tomorrow following the publication of the Proclamation today.

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