President Faure visits Ministry of Family Affairs

13 August 2020 | Social Affairs

President Danny Faure visited the Ministry of Family Affairs at Family House, Bel Eau this afternoon. The visit forms part of President Faure’s series of visits to key services to meet employees in their workplaces. 

During his visit, President Faure was accompanied by the Minister for Family Affairs, Ms Mitcy Larue, Principal Secretary for Social Affairs, Mrs Linda William-Melanie, Principal Secretary for Family Affairs, Mrs Marie-Josee Bonne and the Principal Secretary for Poverty Alleviation, Mr Alvin Laurence. He visited the different sections of the Ministry, including the Front Office, Gender and Population Section, and the Minister’s Secretariat.

President Faure chaired a meeting with the Minister and her management team where he was briefed on on-oing programmes and work geared towards supporting families and individuals that come to their Ministry, as well as their constraints. The President reiterated his appreciation to the management and staff for working hard to continue providing a reliable service to the public despite the challenges presented by COVID- 19.

 “Today with the impact of COVID-19, we can all witness the importance of this particular Ministry as many of our citizens are in direct contact with personnel from this institution. The country is going through a difficult moment in all dimensions and this is having an impact on our population. We must continue working hard to give the support required to our people. It is important that all staff working across all Ministries receiving members of the public continue to have that compassion for their clients,” said President Faure.

He called on all families to stay united during this time, maintain good communication and ensure that children are supported. The President also met two families being assisted by the Ministry, where they gave him an update on their situation.

The Ministry of Family Affairs was established in 2017 and has the portfolio responsibility to empower, support and promote the well-being of individuals and families to overcome social challenges. The Ministry of Family Affairs’ structure consists of the Minister’s Secretariat, three Departments, three National Councils and an Agency.


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