P.S. for President's Office

P.S. for President's Office

Marie-Claire, Doris Marie was born on 2nd June 1961.

She studied at the Regina Mundi Convent Grammar School and the Seychelles College, and then pursued a BA degree in Social Sciences (Gold Award), in Havana, Cuba, where she graduated in 1986.

Upon graduation, she worked for two years as Assistant Curriculum Development Officer, Social Sciences Section, Ministry Of Education and one year as a Manpower Officer, Training Section, Ministry Of Administration And Manpower, prior to pursuing further studies in the UK.

Ms. Marie graduated with an MSc in Business Studies at Salford University, U.K, in September 1991.

Marie-Claire joined the Seychelles Institute of Management as a Senior Lecturer in January 1992 where she worked until mid-May 1998.

Ms. Marie has served in various senior positions in the Public Sector.

She was appointed the Director General of  Administration and Finance, Ministry of Local Government Sports and Culture in May 1998, a post she occupied for six years.

In August 2004, she was appointed the Director General Human Resources Management, Ministry Of Administration and Manpower Development and following ministerial reorganization, was appointed the Director General of Corporate Services, Ministry Of Health in March, 2005.

In August 2007, she was appointed General Manager of Corporate Services, Seychelles Tourism Board, a post she occupied for three years before finally deciding to move to the private sector.

On 1st August 2010, Ms. Marie was appointed as Director of Human Resources, Constance Ephelia Resort Seychelles (Port Launay), a post she held for three years.

After a two and a half year break from full time employment, during which she undertook work as a part-time HR Consultant, she resumed to full time employment in June 2016 as the Director of Human Resource at the University of Seychelles.

On 16th October 2016, Marie-Claire Marie was appointed Principal Secretary in the Office of the President.