State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles

Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Business - Thursday 25th April 2024

President Wavel Ramkalawan, chaired a scheduled meeting of the Cabinet yesterday, Wednesday 24th April in which a number of policy memoranda were approved.

Cabinet approved the relocation framework for the Praslin residents living around the PUC Power Station at Baie Ste Anne who have expressed their desire to be relocated.

Cabinet approved revisions to the Land Allocation Policy, to improve the management and allocation framework for a more transparent and fair process. 

Cabinet has reviewed and fully endorsed a proposed development project on Assomption Island. To facilitate this project, the Cabinet has approved extending the Islands Development Company Limited (IDC) lease on the island to 99 years. This extension will enable the developer to secure a 70-year lease agreement for their investment. Additionally, it was agreed by Government that the lease deposit of US$20 million from the developer will be allocated to the Consolidated Fund once paid.

The Cabinet has approved the signing of an 'Extradition Agreement' between Seychelles and France. This agreement, which allows for the transfer of persons accused or convicted of crimes between the two countries, will next be presented to the National Assembly for approval.

The Cabinet has agreed that the Government of Seychelles should sign an agreement with France to help each other in criminal matters. This agreement follows the rules set by the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act of 2022.

Cabinet approved amendment to the Penal Code to include hate speech as an offence in the law.


Relevant Ministries will provide details.