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Distant Horizons, My Reflections Is New Book By President Michel

April 15, 2011 -- President James Michel has published an autobiography titled "Distant Horizons, My Reflections" on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of his inauguration ceremony as the President of the Republic of Seychelles, which took place on 14th April 2004.

The President's book was launched at State House yesterday evening, in the presence of the President,  the First Lady Natalie Michel,  former President James Mancham, Vice President Danny Faure, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Ministers members of the Diplomatic Corps as well as the President's  family and friends.

"Distant Horizons, My Reflections" tells the story of James Michel's life - of a man who grew up in a poor community on a tropical island, who experienced the unfairness of the former colonial regime, and was determined to improve the lives of his people, which led him on the path to becoming the leader of the nation.  He recounts his long road to the top and  his unflinching belief in justice and deep love of his country, which drove him to work for what he believed in.  Along the way he had to overcome personal tragedy as well as coping with the winds of political change.

 "Writing this book has been a long journey - a formidable journey - exploring the labyrinths of the mind, a journey through time down the pathways and byways of memory and contemplating the avenues of the future.  It has been a laborious process, painful at times, but more often than not, exhilarating.  The book that is launched today is about more than my own life.  It tells no less, in my own perspective, the story of our beloved country, from the day when we were a distant colony in the British Empire to our present status as a modern nation with a respected role to play in the international community," said the President during his address.

President Michel spoke about the difficulties he faced in his early years, the love and support of his family, as well as the tragedy he faced in his personal life. He spoke of this political career as well as his work to create a fairer society.

"I say all this, not for reasons of personal aggrandisement but in the hope that it will serve to encourage others to demand the impossible.  If anyone had said when, as a young boy, I walked along the beach of Anse à La Mouche that I would one day become President I would simply have laughed!  Yet here I am now, and I want to give the same message to our country's young generation, the people who will soon carry the mantle of our nation's future.  Go beyond the limits in which you might find yourself and do what you truly believe in, no matter how hard that might seem." 

With the help of family, friends and colleagues, as well as politicians of all persuasions, James Michel has written an account of his life that will attract the interest of readers in Seychelles and around the world.  Young readers, especially, will be inspired to go that extra mile for, as this book shows, nothing is impossible if you want it to happen. 

This is the story of a man of courage, a story of our times.

The book will be on sale soon.