The Future Of Our Country And Its People Depends On The Youth

27 March 2012 |

President James Michel visited the Seychelles National Youth Council head quarters and the SNYC Youth Centre this morning. The President was accompanied by Vice President Danny Faure, the Minister of Social Affairs, Community Development & Sport, Vincent Meriton and the Chief Executive Officer of the SNYC, Mrs. Vicky Van Der Westhuizen.

Following the restructuring of government, the President holds the portfolio for Youth, and this visit was an opportunity for the President to familiarize himself with the different sections and staff working under the SNYC, and to be briefed on the on-going programmes and pertinent issues that need to be addressed.

The President congratulated the SNYC for its active youth programmes and said that there is always room for improvement.

"As I have said in the past, the future of our country and its people depends on the youth. Opportunities are being created to and put at their disposal but it will depend on each youth to take their responsibility seriously and make the most of the opportunities being offered. I believe that our youth of today do understand that, and they are seizing opportunities for them to continue further development. They should develop positive attitudes towards the way they behave, their health and education," said the President.

The President noted that Seychelles has come a long way in the democratisation of education in order to make sure that all Seychellois children get access to education and for those that have the potential to develop to go further where possible.

"We created the University of Seychelles because we believe that through the university the youth will get the required tools for them to become good leaders. The Young leaders program has become a success today not only in Public sector but also in the private sector and defence. I am looking into new ways to extend the programme,"said Mr. Michel.

During the visit, Vice President Faure explained that with the re-organisation in Government, more emphasis is being put to deliver efficient programmes for the development of young citizens and what is important with regards to the youth is that 57% of the Seychelles population falls under the youth category and that means that the youths must be given a comprehensive development programme in terms of health, education and empowerment.

"It is important that in all sectors of development in the country, the youths are included in all aspects and we need to study all the strategies being submitted by all Ministers to the President and making sure that the aspiration of the youths are also included, "said the Vice-President.

Following the visit, the President announced that Ms. Fatoumata Sylla is appointed as the new Director General for Youth Affairs in the Office of the President, with immediate effect.
Ms Fatoumata Sylla was the Senior Policy Analyst at the Youth Department since December 2010. Ms Fatoumata has a Masters degree in  Communication and Editorial in Multimedia from the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre, France, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Information and Communication from the University of Moncton, Canada, where she obtained the Prix d'Excellence Pascal for academic excellence and leadership.

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