Cabinet Resolutions

10 October 2013 | State House


The Cabinet of Ministers has set up a working group for the promotion of leisure facilities in the country. The working group comprises of the Designated Minister, Mr. Vincent Meriton, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St. Ange, Minister for Land Use and Habitat, Mr. Christian Lionnet as well as key stakeholder organizations.

The working group is currently focused on a  leisure project at Saint Anne jetty area at Roche Caiman, Mahè which is being financed by the Government of Seychelles. This area will be demarcated, fenced and will have lighting to allow motorists and friends to unwind during the weekend in a secure and leisurely atmosphere. The facilities will include a parking area, a large wide TV screen for sports and entertainment programmes, sanitary facilities and kiosks.

The Ministry of Land Use and Housing is currently installing the infrastructure and is expected to complete the work by the end of November. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture will outsource the management of the facility.

The Cabinet of Ministers has recently reviewed the transport policy for La Digue. Among other decisions taken, it has approved a proposal for the increased use of electric 'golf' cart vehicles for tourism establishments on La Digue.

All tourism accommodation establishments will now be able to apply for an electric golf cart, to provide a transfer service for their clients to and from the jetty.  The number of golf carts that a hotel may be permitted to operate will depend on the volume of client-transfers required by that hotel. The Government will put a cap on the maximum number of electric golf carts on La Digue once the demand for transport has been fully assessed. A Transport Officer will be appointed to regulate the use of the vehicles on the island. Traffic sign boards will also be introduced.

This policy review follows numerous complaints by tourism operators on La Digue that existing taxi services are insufficient for the demand of tourists, with many being left without a mode of transport on arrival at, or departure from, the island.

The electric golf carts form part of a long term plan of phasing out all fuel-dependent vehicles on the island as part of the Seychelles2020 vision to turn La Digue into the eco-capital of Seychelles.
Other measures of the new policy will be announced shortly by the Ministry of Home Affairs & Transport.

Editor's Note:

•    The full details of the new transport policy which includes other important components for La Digue transport development, will be provided by the Department of Transport. For interviews please contact Mr. Laurent Moumou, Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs & Transport,  Tel: +(248) 4324442 Email:
•    For full details concerning the leisure facilities at the Sainte Anne jetty please contact, Michael Charlette, Ministry of Land Use and Housing, Tel: (248) 428 69 03  email:

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